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Gift Emporium  - Animal Rock Paintings

Man has been painting on rocks since time immemorial. I love the feel of those beautifully smooth rocks from the rivers and the beaches of the world. During my travels I often hunt for special rocks, which will make perfect candidates for my animal paintings.

I am also a “rock hound” in many other ways; I have a huge collection of minerals, some bought, some found. In addition, I have been lucky enough to find the most beautiful geodes, fossils, Native American arrowheads, and even a Piece of Eight while living here in Kentucky.

I am happy to extend to you the invitation to “adopt a pet” from my collection of animal paintings on rocks. You will find below a selection of pictures giving examples of what I can create for you. Unique and beautiful, they will be a welcome addition to your home, or a great gift for someone special.

Each piece is carefully painted on a perfectly selected natural rock. I also sign and date all my work and then spray each piece with a clear acrylic finish. Although you can display the rocks outdoors, please note that over an extended period of time they may be susceptible to weathering.

Animal Rock paintings are available is various sizes and designs for $45 to $85 each. A 50% deposit is required on all orders.

The size of the rocks will vary, depending upon what I have available and the animal(s) you select. Therefore shipping and handling will be added once the painting is completed and you will be notified of the total charges by e-mail.

Please contact me to place your order. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery unless otherwise notified. Third class mail will be utilized for your package to keep the cost reasonable, unless you notify me otherwise. | copyright ©1997-2007 all rights reserved