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*** all readings are for Eastern Standard Time ***
  1. Readings in person at my home can be paid for at the time of your appointment. Cash, credit card or personal check with valid ID are acceptable.
  2. If you wish to discuss a relationship or communicate with somebody who has passed over, you are welcome to provide photographs.
  3. Phone readings and email readings must be scheduled and paid for 48 hours in advance of the actual appointment date. However, if we do run over time (at your request) I can always process the additional fee after the reading.
  4. Cancellations of email and phone readings which have already been pre-paid should be requested 48 hours in advance for a full refund, otherwise a credit will be issued towards a future appointment.
  5. Those clients who book phone readings will be requested to place the long distance call to my home number. That phone number will be provided to you when I confirm receipt of payment and your actual appointment date & time.
  6. Clients who have phone readings will also receive a package of information which will be mailed to you after the appointment, which will include the return of any photographs which you may have supplied. Please ensure you include your home address on the Client Information Form.
  7. If you wish to discuss a police, criminal or court related matter, please advise me in advance.
  8. Clients who choose to have an email reading please note the following. The 15 minute reading is for one question only. The 30 minute reading is for two questions. I split the time booked 50/50 between doing the actual reading and then typing up a comprehensive response. Please ensure you book adequate time for such appointments since they are limited in scope. Often the phone reading will be better value for specific questions. Clients should send their question(s) prior to the appointment via email to
My Contact Information:
Elizabeth Barnett
424 Salem Pike
Cynthiana, KY 41031

phone: (859) 234-7722

Please fill out the information below to setup your appointment:

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Email Address:
Date of Birth:
Phone Number:
Repeat Client? Yes No
If repeat client, date of last reading:
Please indicate type of reading or topic(s) you wish to discuss (*Please refer to my list of skills):
Method of Payment: Paypal Credit Card Money Orders / Cashiers Check
*Cashiers Checks and Money Orders Should Be in US Dollars Only.
Completing Payment Online? Yes No
Do you prefer I contact you by phone to obtain c/c information (USA Only)? Yes No
If so, please indicate best time to call & which phone #
Please provide several dates & times when you would be available for your reading.
Please allow enough time for me to process your payment prior to your appointment
(I am usually available 9am 5pm daily, but I am flexible according to your needs)

Length of Readings & Fees

Local Clients:
I have many existing clients who enjoy the beautiful drive to my home in the country when they visit me for a private reading in person. You are welcome to arrange for such an appointment if you are within driving distance. To give you an idea where I am located the following information would be helpful:
  • forty-five minutes from Lexington, KY
  • one and half hours from Cincinnati, OH
  • two hours from Louisville, KY
  • two and half hours from Dayton, OH
30 minutes @ $60 *includes free cassette tape recording
60 minutes @ $100 includes free cassette tape recording

Phone Appointments:
30 minutes @ $75 Add to Cart
60 minutes @ $140 Add to Cart

Email Readings:
15 minutes @ $45 Add to Cart
30 minutes @ $75 Add to Cart

NOTE: Email readings are very limited in scope. The 15 minute reading is for one question only and the 30 minute reading is for two questions. Some clients may wish to use this service as a way to follow-up on any questions they may have forgotten to ask at the time of a prior appointment. The time you pay for is split 50/50 between doing the actual reading (stopping frequently to making notes), the other half of the time is required for me to review my notes in order to type up a comprehensive response which can be time consuming. If you want to know if your needs can be met in this way, or if an in person or phone reading would be better value, just contact me in advance to disccuss.

Overseas Clients:
Counseling services are available for overseas residents, either by phone, email or recorded on a cassette tape & mailed out to you.
30 minutes @ $75 Add to Cart
60 minutes @ $140 Add to Cart
(tape recording for readings by U.S. Mail or in person, not offered with email or phone readings) | copyright ©1997-2007 all rights reserved