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Lectures & Classes

At some point in our lives, we may seek to understand more than the everyday aspects of our existence, hoping to see who we truly are, and in order to do this we must reach out to a Higher Power, that which we term as God, or "All That Is." This is usually the beginning of an inner awakening of your soul to Spirit.

You may start to learn how to listen to that still small voice from within, thus desiring to open that part of yourself more and more in a safe and comfortable way. It is for this reason that I have been directed by Spirit to share my knowledge with others.

I have lectured, offered classes, and given private readings to many over the years at women’s clubs, private spas, psychic expos, a hypnotherapy symposium, as well as for health professionals, a dowsing group, country club, and others. In addition, I have been interviewed on TV and radio on numerous occasions.

I am always open to requests for any of the following:

  • Television or Radio Interviews
  • Participating in Psychic or Metaphysical Expos & Conferences
  • Private Parties for Individuals or Corporations
  • Visiting Your Area for Private Lessons - individuals or groups.
  • Lectures & Classes and/or Private Consultations at New Age Stores and other venues
  • Private Consultations at my home, via telephone, letter or email

Knowledge is for sharing, as my Guides and Angels always say. It is for this reason that I consider my classes and lectures to be an integral part of my spiritual life.

If you are willing to make time for yourself, I am happy to nurture your spiritual growth. All requests will be considered based on my existing appointment schedule and basic logistics. My hourly rate for lectures or classes is $100 per hour for individuals at my location or $150 per hour at your location (2 hour minimum). Contact me regarding your specific interest.

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