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Due to ongoing spam problems the Guest Book is no longer available for the public to post comments. However, Elizabeth does enjoy hearing from her clients by email. You can contact her via The following are some of the comments previously left by clients.

Elizabeth, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how amazing you are ! I visited you and received a reading. You told me you saw me moving out of my home town. I also asked if you saw any children for my husband and I and you said that you saw one coming within the next 2 (years/months unclear as timing isn't that important in the spirit realm.) You also saw a "blue baby" which made you believe it was to be a son. You knew that we were having trouble conceiving (and had even visited doctors) and you encouraged me to light pink candles and pray. You encouraged me to be willing to take on an "old soul" to help undo some of the damage we have done to this Earth. Well, I'm here to tell you that you were right about everything! After hearing you speak I followed your instructions, and I found out I was pregnant 2 months to the day of visiting you. Our son came early and we christened him Matthew. In March of that same year we did move, exactly as you predicted, away from my home town. And the blue baby? Well, that could have been the fact that I did have a son, or it could have been because he actually was born blue, as the cord was wrapped around his neck. We are all doing wonderfully now, and I can't tell you how much joy your gifts have brought into our lives. Thank you! --Stephanie Mollinger

I received a tarot reading from you at the Mind, Body & Soul Expo at Lakeland Community College in Kirkland OH. It was an excellent reading insightful you tapped into what was going on in my life from start to finish, and not just in a general way. Your insights were precise and detailed. I'm involved in the metaphysical arts, have been blessed with fine teachers and mentors of integrity and ethics, so I am familiar with, and received early on, guidance and protection from the predators that are unfortunately an unavoidable presence in the psychic field. I know the "tricks of the trade" that some charlatans use so expertly. You indulged in no such trickery, nor at anytime did you try to glean insight or information from any other source than Spirit. I am most grateful for your integrity thank you ! Having said that, I have to let you know that I listened to the tape recording of the reading you did. OH MY GOODNESS !! What made sense to me last September is nothing compared to the accuracy I discovered yesterday when I listened to the tape again it was amazing what has come to pass. Thank you and bright blessings. --Deborah E. Loudin

Thank you so much for the psychic reading. I have NEVER been to a psychic that was so on point. I was truly amazed at your abilities. There was absolutely no aspect that you were even close to being wrong about ! You are truly amazing, and your gifts are even more so . I was blown away! From the very bottom of my heart and soul, thank you. --Sara

I encourage anyone who is thinking of using Elizabeth's service to please do so. You will not be sorry. I have had several readings at her shop and at the psychic conventions in Lexington and I have never doubted her insight. She has a remarkable gift and is very generous to share it with us! --June Bryant

Just to let you know that you are the first person who was able to tap into a lot of things I kept only to myself. All I had to do was listen and my entire life was open. Your coming forward and giving me a reading in Devonmike's room ( was truly a blessing and I was searching for a sign of assurance and support for things I only knew and will not elaborate in the room. You are truly gifted and I pray that our paths will cross again. Many blessings to you and your family. --Anna

I just wanted to thank you again, you have been so much help to myself and Jamie each time we have been to visit you. We both appreciate your help and your wisdom. Your skills are REMARKABLE! Thanks again. We will both be back to see you in the near future. --Christy Lee

I met Elizabeth in Raleigh NC. I could just feel her energy radiate to me. It was quite enlightening and I look forward to meeting her again. Thank you! --Claire Hurd

Thank you for the so very accurate Numerology reading on today. You are an extremely gifted lady and your input into the room has been gratefully accepted. --Gail Hickman

As always, everything Elizabeth does is with grace and elegance. This website is no exception. I hope many will prosper from the words of wisdom that can be provided by Elizabeth. Her kindness and sincerity are among her greatest assets. Thank you for providing us with a special link to you! --Judy Reynolds

I would like to thank Elizabeth for the reassurance and peace she has brought into my life and those I love. I think this website is a wonderful way for her to touch the lives of many, as she has touched mine. --Betsy

I had a reading done at the New Earth Festival in Lexington this past week-end. It was insightful and accurate and I look forward to seeing you again sometime. Thank you for your kindness. --Mandi Mudd

I enjoyed meeting you at the Southern Womens' Show in Memphis TN. Please email me if you are ever in the area again. I would love to have another reading. --Karen Calhoun