Kentucky is host to many important equestrian events. Elizabeth would like to extend her services to visitors to this area as well as those who live here year round. However, it is not necessary for you to be present to have a reading with Elizabeth. In those instances, she offers telephone readings by appointment for those who want pet or horse readings, or any matters relating to the client's personal or business life. Using a variety of psychic abilities, she is able to quickly provide true insight into any given situation.

When you book a psychic pet reading, the focus is usually on the animals general well being— whether this be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. In some cases a client may have had a past life with their pet, or they may wish to inquire about it's ability to succeed in a competition, perhaps the pet has already passed on and you may wish to connect to that special friend— any question which you feel is of importance can be answered.

Elizabeth can work from photographs of the pets in question in order to tune into their energy and provide the owner with the insight needed to facilitate the best outcome for your inquiries. Kindly send along your photographs in advance when you pay for your reading. These can be sent via email with name and age of each animal for which you are requesting a reading. If you live close to Elizabeth's home in Northern Kentucky, you are welcome to see her in person, otherwise a telephone reading is recommended.

Depending upon how many pets need to be focused upon, you can book a half hour or an hour appointment for your psychic pet reading. As a guide, it is advisable to allow at least 15 to 20 minutes per animal, unless the topic is very brief. Please be as specific as possible as to what questions you would like Elizabeth to answer. You are welcome to send an email ahead of time indicating the topics, and how many pets, you wish to discuss in order to assist you in determining the appropriate amount of time to schedule for your session.

In addition, holistic energy healing is also available, even if the pet is not able to be seen in person. It should be understood that absentee healing is just as effective as an in-person session. Assistance can also be provided regarding missing animals. Elizabeth can also provide you with detailed information about your animal totems for this lifetime. Any of these above topics can be requested as part of your intuitive pet reading.

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