horse psychic kentuckyGrowing up in the North of England, in a beautiful historic home, Elizabeth was surrounded by nature and a variety of family pets; large and small. The village in Yorkshire where she was raised is home to the Bramham International Horse Trials (Three Day Event). Also, the village is home to the Bramham Moor Hunt— dating back into the annals of history— sport of kings. A polo field is located nearby and many horseracing tracks are dotted around the surrounding towns. It was inevitable, therefore, that her psychic nature would include opening up to the natural world.

Her late Father, an avid sailor, would take the family on cruises around Great Britain and Europe— often meeting up with pods of dolphins and other interesting sea creatures along the way. Sailing provided a quick lesson for a deep respect of the elements as the various seas expressed their changing moods. After becoming a certified scuba diver Elizabeth was also able to experience the creatures of the ocean, up close and personal!

elizabeth barnett, psychicThese are a few of the experiences that provided Elizabeth with a window into the amazing aspects of the natural world. In addition, her late Father was an keen amateur Astronomer and her husband is a retired Deep Sea Diver which in turn created an even more profound interest in the Universe in all its diversity. As an homage to nature, Elizabeth and her husband have planted over 10,000 tress on the family farm and used to do commercial bee keeping. Her husband's family was also involved in boarding and breeding of standard bred horses for many years here in Kentucky.

This interest in nature and animals eventually manifested in artistic renderings of what she saw around her, such as water colors of birds, animals and sea shells, dried flower wreaths, black & white images on ostrich eggs... to name a few. In addition, there had always been this close connection she felt with the various types of creatures she saw around her. Before the term "horse whisperer" became popular, Elizabeth was already aware of this ability within herself.. a female Dr. Dolittle if you will.

Elizabeth decided to move from Yorkshire to permanently reside overseas when she was in her mid 20's, living in Hong Kong and Dubai for a decade before eventually settling down to live in the United States. Her home is located on a farm just outside of Lexington, Kentucky— The Bluegrass State, world famous for horses. She has gained a large following of clients from all corners of the country that she now calls home. It is always a pleasure for her to assist clients with their questions regarding the pets or animals under their care.

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