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The following is a brief explanation of my psychic skills. Each of these skills (or tools) can be applied to different areas of our lives to gain spiritual knowledge and to access the past, the present and the future. The first three, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, are the basic "gifts" that are the birthright of all mankind, the other listed abilities are "metaphysical sciences" which may require in depth study.

French word meaning "to clearly see." The third eye is used to see pictures and images.

French word meaning "to clearly hear." What is heard is conversations with Spirit (angels, master teachers, spirit guides, loved ones, etc.).

French word meaning "to clearly feel." This is the most common ESP skill that most humans are blessed with. What is felt is the presence and energy of Spirit.

Ancient divinatory tool of the cards, the origins of which are still shrouded in mystery. The cards give us a photograph of our lives in pictures, showing the past, the present and the future.

Metaphysical science that explains the meaning of the numbers associated with your birthday and also the corresponding numbers, which relate to each letter in your name. These numbers reveal the general pattern of your life, thus enabling you to know your destiny and life’s purpose.

Known as "the science of touch," it requires the use of an object or inductor to start the process of extracting information (i.e., holding clothing, a photograph, a piece of jewelry, keys, business cards, or even somebody’s hand). Many psychics assist the police use this skill, as when utilized in conjunction with clairvoyance, images are seen.

Along with reincarnation, past lives are part of the "cycle of opportunity" which we, as eternal beings, can experience. While it is widely accepted by many religions, there are still many who do not accept the idea. Since I was a young child I always knew I had been here before, and I have since viewed several of my own past lives. Through the gift of clairvoyance we can journey together into the past!

To "dowse" is to search for anything with the use of a hand-held instrument (i.e., forked stick, pendulum, L-rods, Y-rods, or bobber). It is a multi-faceted science with unlimited uses. Locating water and minerals, finding missing objects and people, use as a non-invasive diagnostic tool for health and well-being, use in agriculture, and linking with Spirit to receive answers about the unknown, are just a few applications where dowsing can be used.

Also known as mediumship. Link with those "on the other side" through a combination of my skills to gain the wisdom and love available to you through the divine guidance of guardian angels, spirit guides and master teachers which we all have available to us during our physical incarnation on the earth. I am also able to use my gifts as a medium and spiritualist to communicate with loved ones who are no longer with us here, but still exist in spirit.

Unravel the deeper meaning behind your dreams. During sleep your soul is free to travel into the spiritual dimensions during which time you will receive information, or meet other souls, which may be remembered when you awaken. Keeping a Dream Journal and learning what these messages mean is a valuable tool for our lives.

SPIRITUAL OR FAITH HEALING for body, mind and spirit.
I am trained, certified, experienced and nationally recognized by the Universal Holistic Healers’ Association for my work in this field. I have abilities in many different modalities of spiritual healing, including South Path Clearing. I have also lectured on the subject of spiritual healing to the medical community in my area.

Available for health, general well-being, behavioral problems, competitive performance, missing pets, etc. (if possible bring a photograph of your pet). I can also assist in the spiritual healing of animals.

Ancient Chinese philosophy which relates every aspect of our lives to our surroundings. Used extensively by architects and interior designers, Feng Shui takes into consideration: location, shape, colors, placement of objects, doorways, plants, mirrors, windows, outlook, natural elements, materials used, etc. in relationship to the flow of "chi," or "universal life force," around us. Your outer world reflects your inner world, so your living or working space is important to your well-being. I can evaluate and consult on this subject.

Sometimes necessary if the energy in your home or place of business doesn’t appear to be healthy or balanced, or if there appears to be an unwanted presence. This is also an excellent idea for new homes, whether previously been occupied or not.

I have been consulted on many occasions about ghosts and paranormal activities.  I have also appeared on TV in Kentucky while investigating a ghostly presence at a famous local college.  I have extensive knowledge in this field and can also facilitate sending the unwanted entities into the light to once again restore balance and harmony for all concerned.



I generally don't use these last three skills for my readings, but occasionally offer them as subjects in my classes, or by special request.

Divination evolved in countries where there is a lot of sand, such as Arabia and Egypt. Fine sugar sand, sometimes combined with small colored crystals or stones, is utilized as a medium for seeing into the future.

From gypsies to wealthy gentry, this method of divination has gained popularity and renown and has been used as long as we have had tea! The future can be seen in the patterns left by the tea leaves in a cup after the liquid has been consumed and the cup has been inverted and drained. Coffee grounds can also be used.

This type of reading uses fire (usually a candle) and some parchment. A question is asked of Spirit, written down on the parchment and waved or held over the flame. The resulting images left on the parchment by the smoke can be spiritually perceived and translated.

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